Property Management Services
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Todd-Gordon Property Management (TGPM) is a full-service, progressive property management company headquartered in Maryland. TGPM’s cornerstone is providing superior customer service to our clients and residents. With a focus on single-family homes throughout Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, TGPM’s management adheres to the guidelines and principles set forth by the Institute of Real Estate Management® and the National Association of Realtors®.

TGPM provides its clients with service-oriented professionals and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, including internet-based property management software. With monthly financial reporting, clients can view financial information and other details about their properties each month. Even with these technical advances, TGPM understands certain clients and investors prefer a personal touch; TGPM staff offers monthly one-on-one revenue meetings.

With a commitment to our industry's highest standards, Todd-Gordon Property Management provides its clients with professionalism, stability and financial accountability. It is our commitment, and you deserve nothing less.

TGC Curb Appeal Landscaping

Selecting a landscape maintenance team can make all the difference in whether a prospect stops and inquires about an available apartment/home. Our landscaping designer understands that budgets count and curb appeal is one of the keys to leasing. Owners who hire TGC Curb Appeal Landscaping seek to enhance and beautify their property's green spaces, have projects completed on time and increase resident traffic.


Project and Capital Improvement Management

Defining the scope of work and setting the budget, timelines, and benchmarks all make for a successful project. However, do you have the time to ensure that all these aspects are achieved? Successful Project/Capital Improvement Managers are able to simultaneously incorporate these basic elements within a well-defined scope of work. Whether overseeing an apartment's turn-over or a roof replacement, knowing you have an advocate on-site allows you to focus on your other investments. An effectively managed project is one of the added benefits that come along with being one of TGC's "worry-free owners."

TGC Inspection Services

Apartments and single-family homes rented to Housing Choice Voucher holders (formerly known as Section 8 tenants), as well as those receiving other types of rent subsidies, require Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections. After overseeing thousands of inspections, TGC Inspection Services has developed a checklist and team to properly prepare your property for any HUD, DCRA, or housing inspection. By assisting our clients in avoiding common violations, TGC is able to shorten the lease-up time and position its client's property for a higher score. Our services are not limited to simply "prep-work" but are available to assist an owner in abatement of violations to ensure the passing upon re-inspection.


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